ARC minutes 2006-05-19 meeting

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Friday, 5:30pm
ENGR 436a


[edit] Agenda

[edit] Actual activities

Future follow up:

Most of the rest of this page details preparation for this meeting. Parts of it should be split out into more permanent and specific pages for the respective antennas.

[edit] Attendees

If you want to build either of these antennas, please list yourself below, so we know how much pipe / wire to buy:

[edit] shopping list and parts list

Keiths Updated and Improved Folding J-Pole Shopping List $21.64

Bringing you that same wholesome folding j-pole goodness you know and love with parts that actually work.

cost # description
9.62 5 ½” Copper pipe in 19.5” segments
0.58 2 ½” Copper Pipe Couplings
0.54 1 ½” Copper Pipe T Joint
0.33 1 *½” Copper Pipe Elbow
0.96 3 ½” Copper Pipe End Cap
0.54 2 ½” Copper Pipe tube strap
1.26 1 Bungee cord Apx. 7’
0.98 #8-32x1 5/8” hook and eye
0.98 6 #8-32 nuts
0.98 #8-32x5/8” screws
0.98 #8 washers
0.98 #8 lock washers
0.98 2 #6-32x½ bolts and Nuts for Feed Point
0.22 2.5”x2.5” Lexan sheet
1.50 SO-239 Panel Mount connector
0.21 #8 O ring terminals, crimp on
Steal! A Few Inches of Wire

(this list has been copied to J-pole antenna)

[edit] Inventory

[edit] Tools Available

[edit] Articles

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