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First soldered board


[edit] Description

This is a PIC based small controller board intended for promotional handouts and morse code practice. More detail will be added as the project is finalized.

More pictures at

The source code for this project is now in the club git repo. Ask for access.

[edit] Modes

Change modes by pressing the mode button. The modes are as indicated by the numbered LEDs.

# label description
1 tone morse code practice key, tone emitted and light on when key is touched
2 flash same as above, but with light only (flashlight mode?)
3 k4ucf emit the club call sign with tone and light
4 rnd tone play one of several practice code messages for practice decoding
5 rnd light same as above, with light only
6  ??? mystery message -- decode it and get a prize (tone and light), different message on each board
7 game TBA
8 light play with LEDs, variable brightness and combinations

[edit] Parts list

pcb pn description
R1-R4 R6 SM0603 ERJ-3GEYJ103V 10 kOHM 0603
R5 ERJ-3GEYJ471V 470 OHM 0603
R7 ERJ-3GEYJ151V 150 OHM 0603
R8 ERJ-3GEYJ102V 1 kOHM 0603
R110 ERJ-3GEYJ105V 1 MOHM 0603
SM0201 CR0201-JW-153GLF 15 kOHM 0201
SM0402 WR04X1002FTL 10 kOHM 0402
SM0805 RMC1/1003R9JATP 3.9 OHM 0805
SM1210 AC1210JR-0710RL 10 OHM 1210
D1 BAT54WS-V-GS18 BAT54 diode
D2 LED (power indicator) 0603
Q1-Q3 MMBT3904LT1G NPN Transistor
C1 C2 C11 C12 C1608Y5V1H104Z 0.1 uF 0603
C9 C10 C1608C0G1H220J080AA 22 pF 0603
D3-D10 red or green or yellow LEDs 0603
SW1 SW3 push button
SW2 slide switch (power)
U1 PIC18F14k50 cpu
X1 SCK12.000 12MHz Crystal
J1 micro USB
BT1 CR2032 Button Cell Holder
SP1 PB-1226PEAQ Speaker
P4 NONE Programmer Port

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