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These are things that need to go in your jumpkit...

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For faster deployment, two jumpkits are suggested:

  1. 24 hour kit, to last for 24 hours, ready to go in 15 minutes
  2. 72 hour jump kit, to last for 3 days, ready to go in 2 hours or less


[edit] radio items

[edit] personal items

You may also make an Electronic Survival Kit to back up your personal data in case of regional disaster.

[edit] 72 hour personal items

From Orlando Sentinel article (below). Everybody in Florida should have these items prepared during hurricane season.

[edit] staged jump kit

italic items are optional depending on context

[edit] personal kit

Items for less than 8 hours, carry without a backpack

[edit] day kit

This should fit in a backpack. Everything in personal kit plus...

[edit] three day kit

Everything in your personal and day kit plus...

The Box

One idea which would allow for fast deployment is to mount a mobile and other equipment in a water proof box or container. Something similar to this would probably be ideal.

[edit] Situation special items

[edit] hurricane shelter

[edit] search and rescue

[edit] parades, marathons, other public service

[edit] References

[edit] ssd's jump kit

As inventoried after Enrico. This is really a 3 day kit, and has enough equipment to share with a team except for personal HT's.

[edit] equipment bag

[edit] Personal bag

[edit] paperwork

[edit] toolkit

All purpose use, not just shelters.

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