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[edit] General information

[edit] new links

[edit] Calculators

[edit] yagi

[edit] log periodic

[edit] Antennas by band

[edit] 6m antennas

[edit] 2m antennas and stuff

[edit] Wifi antennas

See also extensive links in wifi

[edit] GPS antennas

[edit] HF antennas

[edit] Antennas by model

[edit] J-pole

[edit] Yagi-Uda array

[edit] Quad array

[edit] Moxon array

[edit] PCB antennas

[edit] collinear

[edit] loop

[edit] HF loop

[edit] HF DCTL

[edit] HF multi-turn loop

Multi-turn loops are typically only used for receiving, as the signal radiating from neighboring turns tend to cancel somewhat when transmitting, reducing efficiency of the antenna. However, if you want a good receive antenna in a very small space, multi-turn loops are a good solution.

[edit] VHF loop

[edit] discone

[edit] spirals

[edit] helical

[edit] slinky HF

Local comments about slinky antennas:

These links are still being checked...

[edit] High voltage capacitor links

For use with tuners and loops.

[edit] Antenna simulation software

software free? windows linux optimizer source
MMANA-GAL yes yes no  ? no
SuperNEC no / trial / academic yes yes  ? no / matlab
EZNEC yes no no no
nec2 yes yes yes no? fortran
4nec2 yes no yes no?
nec2++ yes yes yes  ? yes
nec2pp yes - yes  ? yes
nec2c yes  ?  ? no? C
nec4 no?
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