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[edit] Overview

The goal is to produce a relatively cheap (<$200, maybe <$50) antenna analyzer design. The cheaper version should have at least 2 significant digits of accuracy.

This will be based on analog components with digital controls with the ability to store data that can be downloaded via computer for post processing as well as displayed live.

This project is in early planning stages. A prototype of the analog portion has been built and tested.

[edit] modules

[edit] Analog portion

The core of the analog system is a phase detection chip (part number?) with a 35mhz - 3ghz range and a SPI controllable oscillator. Two chips will be used so that sign of the phase can be detected.

For high frequencies (>100mhz?) the chips and oscillator will be tied to a strip line.

For low frequencies, the oscillator will be down converted using DDS methods and the detectors will use an SWR bridge.

Each chip will output 4 voltages (0-3v?) corresponding to magnitude and (unsigned) phase of two ports.

Each band will need filters.

[edit] Digital portion

Suggested functionality:

Optional functionality (fodder for v2):

[edit] Live demo display

The plan is to have a display in the atrium that (among other things) displays life feeds from various SDRs.

It could show:

All RF displays should be labeled with frequencies and indicate if they are live or not.

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