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A Software controlled radio is a normal radio that allows a computer to control it. (Ex: Icom 706, Kenwood TS2000, Kenwood D700, etc.) A Software defined radio actually does the final stage processing totally in software. A typical software defined radio consists of the following components:

  1. wide band pass filter
  2. Hardware Preamplifier
  3. Hardware (down)sampler (usually quadrature sampler--> frequency generator + mixer + digital sampler)
  4. (optional) hardware DSP (to cut data bandwidth to something manageable)
  5. Soundcard interface (from here on, it is all software!)
  6. Digital bandwith slicer (to extract an audio channel)
  7. Digital noise filters (superior to any possible analog filters!)
  8. Digital demodulation (AM, FM, SSB, DSB, PSK31, whatever)

See also Remote SDR


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Lots of great references, good intro.

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For an overview of software radio and an open source tool to use it see the GNU Radio page or the GnuRadio Wiki.

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