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Sorry, the UCF tailgate has been cancelled.

This page is for information about the UCF Amateur Radio Club semi-annual tailgate in the HPA2 (D1) parking lot.

click for larger map or visit the offical campus map.

See also our list of other Florida hamfests and tailgates.


[edit] Scheduling

Next tailgates:

Typically, people are at the tailgate well before sunrise (we won't be there before the times above). Usually by 10am, it is mostly social, and by 11am it is over. If the weather is exceptionally bad, people will start to leave by 9:30-10am. If the weather is exceptionally good, there will still be stragglers around noon.

The official campus map may be more up to date than the maps here.

[edit] Description

Buy or sell electronics, radios, and computer hardware.

The Amateur Radio club is sponsoring a semiannual electronics swap meet / hamfest Saturday morning in the D1 parking lot (In front of HPA2 building). All are welcome. Amateur radio equipment and other computer and radio electronics will be for sale. No cost to attend or sell. Early attenders will see more bargains. There is also an equipment testing station to verify the functionality of equipment before purchase.

[edit] Directions

[edit] talk-in

This repeater will be monitored throughout the duration of the Tailgate.
This repeater will be monitored on a secondary basis throughout the duration of the Tailgate.

[edit] from I4

[edit] from 95

[edit] a faster way from the 408

[edit] Events during the tailgate

[edit] Rules for vendors

Campus rules prohibit sales or display of the following items:

You can bring food for personal use, of course, but please don't bring the other items.

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