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Join us on Amateur Radio Field day to experience long distance radio emergency communications.

2017 field day at the Nature Pavilion
Towers are set up in the memory mall with the B&W antenna stretched between them.

On the fourth weekend of June, visit the Amateur Radio Club at UCF in the Natural Resources Pavilion (across from Garage "C") and learn about amateur radio! Try your hand at contacting people across the country. Event occurs for 24 hours from 2pm Saturday until 2pm Sunday. Participants can observe long distance emergency communications operation, learn about radio, and get on the air yourself if you would like to try it! Voice, digital, and satellite methods will be tried.

Field Day is the most popular on-the-air operating event in amateur radio. On the fourth full weekend in June, tens of thousands of amateur radio operators gather for a public demonstration of our service. Field Day is part educational event, part operating event, part public relations event – and ALL about FUN! Amateur radio is about knowledge and growth. It is a hobby and service that truly offers “something for everyone.” Amateur Radio embraces both the old and new. While CW may no longer be a testing element, it is still a strong and favorite operating mode for many. Tens of thousands of operators are embracing digital technologies, from RTTY to newer digital modes like PSK31 and Olivia. Phone operation, probably the largest segment of the hobby, also has new frontiers to be explored with digitized voice, VOIP, and IRLP. And this is why Field Day – the largest annual on-the-air operating event – is so exciting. It gives all – the old timer and the newcomer, the brass-pounder and the computer assisted operator – the chance to share and teach the broad range of modes and technologies we find in our hobby. Quoted from ARRL Field Day page

Field day is a national contest sponsored by ARRL Everyone interested in amateur radio is invited. All are welcome, no experience is necessary to participate and there is no cost. For additional information please contact

You can also see Pictures of past field days, and some more from 2008-2009.

[edit] Things to check out

6m moxon tower

[edit] Special plans

Members of ARC@UCF Operating Several Radio Stations on Field Day 2008
One of several 2017 operating stations

[edit] Location and logistics

Other field day locations can be found on the ARRL Field Day Station Locator page. (3 in this area are listed there last I checked.)

We are in the Nature Pavilion directly across the street from parking garage C. THERE IS NO PARKING at the pavilion. You will need to park in parking garage C and use the cross walk.

For driving directions, this is near our tailgate location. This is on Gemini near the turn off into the tailgate parking lot, but on the outside of the ring.

NOTE: The pavilion is IN THE WOODS and may not be very visible from the road, so park in parking garage C and walk across the street at the light and you'll find us if you follow the short trail.

More information about the area around the nature pavilion can be found at

Amateur Radio Field day is an event designed to exercise our ability to communicate with amateur radio in an emergency.

Past club field days can be found at Category:Field day. There may be a page there with specifics for this year.

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