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This page is intended to be a pool from which future ARCatUCF activities can be selected. Some of these are also appropriate for individuals as well. If any of these projects interest you, please bring it up at the next club meeting!!! If you think of any additional radio projects, feel free to add them to this list!

Bold items have already been completed by the club, but could be repeated, as not all club members were involved.


[edit] Activities

[edit] ARCatUCF project designs and meeting activities


In development:

See also Category:ARC projects

Proposed basic projects:

Proposed advanced projects:

Proposed field trips

Proposed guest speakers / topics

[edit] Current active projects

These are projects for which we have partial materials and/or designs.

[edit] Active

This list is probably out of date.

Project status project leader
Remote SDR design, need antennas Steve
Satellite radio prototyping Doug
Rotor Antennas surge arrestor, LNA, yagi2
satellite patch antenna designing
satellite ground station radio -
Repeater controller design Jamie
5ft Sat Dish rotor unassigned

[edit] Proposed

[edit] Inactive

(designs and/or parts partially available)

[edit] Other project pages

[edit] External kit pages

[edit] Misc. projects

[edit] Tools

[edit] WiFi projects

[edit] Internet remote base projects

These would allow the club to install an HF radio on a remote tower, and allow control from the shack (or anywhere else) without unreasonable expense.

Components of a remote base would be:

A few of the control ideas are similar to a repeater controller.

[edit] Repeater projects

The club repeater could use some enhancement.

[edit] ARES/RACES related projects

[edit] Antenna projects

More antenna links

Arrow J-poles
Arrow dual band J-pole (10 gets a price break)
Arrow Foxhunt antenna
foxhunt VHF loop. Very pretty, but price is a bit high especially for a receive only antenna. (Perhaps we should try to build some?)

[edit] Satellite projects

[edit] Weather station

[edit] lightning detectors and mapping

[edit] Embedded systems

[edit] Project sources

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